Jeff Cannell, Lead Pastor

Areas of Focus: Church Vision and Strategy, Pastoral Care

Jeff has been a Columbus resident most of his life - and is proud of it. After university and traveling to Europe and the Middle East, Jeff moved back to Columbus in 1995, specifically the Clintonville Neighborhood. Since that time he has continually experienced a growing passion for Columbus.
Through a strange set of circumstances that he will only tell you over coffee, in the Summer of 2000 Jeff started interning at Vineyard Church Columbus in what later became a Pastoral Assistant Job where he worked in the areas of research, community outreach, adult education, and special projects. In 2004 Jeff and his wife Adrienne felt the call to plant a church in their backyard of University District/Clintonville. Jeff has an unique ability to connect with people from all walks of life and a deep desire for them to understand and experience the love of God.

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Adrienne Cannell, Lead Pastor

Areas of Focus: Newcomer Connect Process, Welcome Team, Women's ministry

Adrienne has been a faithful co-laborer with Jeff in pastoring Central Vineyard since it’s inception in 2004. Adrienne was born in Ohio, traveled the world with her family living in such places as Haiti, Belgium, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and then sticking with Clintonville for the past 14 years. Adrienne experiences the most joy in the process of welcoming people into our church community. She also loves to preach and mentor leaders.

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Karl Boettcher, Assistant Pastor

Areas of Focus: Sunday Morning Service, Finances, Human Resources, and Special Services.

Karl was born and raised in Chambersburg, PA, the son of a Baptist pastor. He received his BA in communications from Calvin College and married his college sweetheart Jessie Glover in 2004. Karl loves storytelling and is involved in Speakeasy, a storytelling event at Wild Goose Creative. He is also an enthu-siastic basement rocker, playing guitar and bass with reckless abandon. As a full-time assistant pastor, Karl partners with the lead pastors in budgeting and maintaining the financial health of the church. He is privileged to be able to pursue a burgeoning passion for preaching as a part of the team at CV. Karl also serves with the other pastors in providing care and oversight to ministry and community group leaders.

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Sara Gallaugher, Ministry Coordinator

Areas of Focus: CVKids, CVYouth, Special Projects

Apart from a year spent in Australia as a child, Sara has been a lifelong native of Central Ohio.  She and Michael were married in 1999, and have been a part of Central Vineyard since the church began in 2004.  She works part-time as a ministry coordinator overseeing children's ministry. She is passionate about seeing the children of Central Vineyard understand and feel the love of Christ. She and Michael have two wonderful children, Katherine and Patrick, and Sara is very active as a regular volunteer at their school. She loves experiencing other countries and cultures, and hopes one day to live overseas.  In her free time, Sara loves reading, traveling, visiting farmers markets, spending time outside in nature, cooking, and working out. 

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Peter Shumaker, Ministry Coordinator

Area of Focus: Asia’s Hope

Lifelong Columbus resident Peter Shumaker spent most of his young adult life playing music on the road and in various local groups. After a difficult season in his life, he refocused his life and is now volunteers some time as a ministry coordinator at Central Vineyard. Peter has found a lot of joy taking over as the Asia’s Hope coordinator. Peter enjoys collecting vintage Star Wars toys, playing live music locally, playing video games with his friends and hanging out with his lovely wife Keilah.

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Kim Beyer, Ministry Coordinator

Areas of Focus: Prayer, Soul Care, Worship, Empowerment, Evangelism

Kim grew up in Cincinnati as a pastor’s kid and has loved the Vineyard movement from a young age. She’s always had a heart for worship and her favorite sound is the church singing God’s praises. In 2005 she moved to Berlin, Germany with her husband Matthias, where they were a part of the Vineyard Berlin church plant for seven years. They heard God calling them back to the USA in 2012 and after a year of discernment, made Columbus their home. Matthias’s miraculous recovery from a brain aneurysm in 2015 inspired Kim to learn more about healing prayer and partnering with the Holy Spirit. It’s her absolute joy now to pray for people and introduce them to Jesus. Kim lives in North Linden with Matthias, their two sons, and their two dogs. 

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Rachel Tolentino, Office Administrator

Areas of Focus: Office Administration, Assistant to Jeff & Adrienne Cannell, Assistance with CVKids

Rachel joined the Central Vineyard staff in October of 2012 as Jeff’s assistant. She also helps out with general office management and communications. Her vision is long-reaching. She has a deep desire to see health in the families of those on staff and seeks to encourage those around her to that end.
Though born and raised in Columbus, Rachel lived in the Philadelphia area for 8 years. While there she worked on staff at the Blue Route Vineyard Church, and met and married Mark Tolentino. She and her family moved back to Ohio in 2006, and are now raising two wonderful kids in Clintonville. Rachel is a happy introvert who loves to read all the time and watch Doctor Who!

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Katie Heck, Pastoral Assistant

Areas of Focus: Community Groups, Leadership Development and Support

Katie spent her childhood in Ohio, Kentucky, Washington, the Marshall
Islands, and Fiji. She interned with Teen Mania Ministries after high
school and was involved in Xenos Christian Fellowship while attending
college at Ohio State. Katie has been part of Central Vineyard since
2007.   Her work in the church is focused on helping the people in our small
groups flourish and grow in their faith. She also coordinates
leadership meetings and development, where she facilitates group
discernment, learning and mutual support.  She is the mother of one energetic toddler, works part time as a legal assistant, and is the founder and owner of Dabble & Stitch, a local crafting community and fabric shop. She loves to make things, figure out how to do new things, and teach other people to do the same.

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Dan Heck, Pastoral Assistant

Areas of Focus: Homeless Ministry, Spiritual Companionship & Direction, Kids and Youth Ministry, Sunday Morning Service

Dan grew up in Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin. He has been a part of the Central Vineyard community since 2007. Currently, he coordinates One Good Home, which is part of the church’s homeless ministry, facilitates spiritual companionship and group spiritual direction, and talks about Jesus in front of people, regardless of their current height. It’s modestly awesome.  His background includes a failed attempt to become a Franciscan and a failed attempt to become a German. He has also had the pleasure of working as a community organizer and human rights advocate. Oh, and Ohio State gave him a degree with a comically long name.  Dan loves writing about himself in the third person, playing all kinds of games, and having generous conversations about the things we’re not supposed to discuss at the dinner table: politics, religion and philosophy.

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Matthias Beyer, Assistant Pastor Emeritus

Matthias previously served a vital role in helping to create a more patient and loving staff culture at Central Vineyard.  He also previously oversaw community groups, spiritual direction, and leader care within the church.  After suffering an aneurysm in 2015, he is no longer able to lead those ministries but still is part of our staff family.  He comes regularly to sit around the staff table and is still involved in actively praying for the staff and the church.  Please continue to pray for Matthias as he makes a long journey towards complete healing and restoration.

Matthias Beyer was born in Karl-Marx-Stadt (now Chemnitz) in the former German Democratic Republic (East Germany) as the son of a Lutheran pastor. He’s been blessed with three older sisters. Matthias spent his early adulthood in Berlin, Germany, where he studied electrical engineering and helped plant the Vineyard church in Berlin. Out of curiosity he moved to Cincinnati in 2004 for an internship with an engineering company, and met his lovely wife Kimberly during that time. They got married in 2005 and returned together to Berlin, where Matthias worked as an electrical engineer until the birth of their son Samuel in 2012. Matthias, Kim, Samuel, and their two dogs moved to Ohio later that year. He has a passion for healthy churches and leaders and is excited to live that out at Central Vineyard. Matthias loves being a Dad to Samuel and Henry. He also loves nature, bike riding, swimming, reading, playing piano and hanging out with friends. His education includes certification in coaching, mediation, and spiritual direction.