Hear stories from people who call this church their home.

Its been through this one-on-one interaction with my peers and those in different life stages than me, that I've seen redemption where I once felt so calloused and cold. Slowly, God is awakening me to His powerful Love and I attribute much of this learning process to the people I've encountered and journeyed with at Central.
-Kelli, Lactation Counselor

In a nutshell, the Vineyard, and Central in particular, has been the nexus where God has reshaped me as a person, reoriented my vocation, and set me free. I am forever grateful.
-Karl, table top gamer, assistant pastor

CV is a church that tries to give primary importance to loving, forgiving, and transforming relationships between people and with God through the power of the Holy Spirit and the incarnational ministry of Jesus Christ.  People here pray for each other and serve others sacrificially.  Our wounds, imperfections and sins show well enough, though such transparency seems to be an important ingredient for healing, spiritual renewal and growth and fosters a firm reliance on the unconditional love of Christ.  It's a good place to be.
-Paul, home group leader, spiritual director, husband, father and friend