At Central Vineyard, our neighborhood extends to the orphans of Cambodia. We don’t own a building in Columbus, but we do own one in Prek Eng, just outside Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We partner with Asia’s Hope, a multi-denominational, grassroots movement working in Cambodia, Thailand and India to provide quality long-term care for orphaned children at high risk of sexual and economic exploitation.

Each of the children living in our home receive all the benefits of a loving family: shelter, acceptance, medical care, an education, life skills training and most importantly, the transforming power of hope.

Our church members have adopted these kids and fully support them, both financially and by visiting them on an ongoing basis. We are amazed to see the transformation in these kids' lives from children without hope to children pursuing their dreams to change their country.

Check out Asia's Hope's blog about our children's home, Prek Eng 2. If you are interested in getting more information or donating to this great initiative, contact Peter.


Central Vineyard sent Doug and Lyndi Buckley to Tanzania to pursue helping establish a Vineyard Church. They eventually transitioned from planting a new church to leading an existing Vineyard Church that is endeavoring to serve as a resource to indigenously led Vineyard churches, while raising up leaders who will also pursue pastoral ministry. Their neighborhood church is specifically committed to serving over 10,000 people who live and work within the Living Stone Quarry which is an abandoned quarry where several thousand people live making $2 a day hammering rocks. Specifically, the church is serving in roles of care, development, and partnership with other churches, with a specific emphasis on serving in the area of women’s health and children’s outreach.

Please contact Adrienne if you would like to get involved in our efforts to support Doug and Lyndi Buckley in their endeavors.

Central Vineyard is committed to working with the global Vineyard movement through church planting partnerships to raise up indigenously lead, culturally relevant, reproducing churches. See for more information.