We are a neighborhood church endeavoring to live like Jesus by gathering a community of prayer that engages suffering. 

If we truly endeavor to live like Jesus by gathering a community of prayer that engages suffering, then we acknowledge the importance of the renewing of the mind and embrace the restorative power of the Holy Spirit. We trust that God sees each of us as fit for constant renewal so that we can do the work He has planned in advance for us to do.

But He doesn't stop with us. He sees our church – the one without a place of its own – that has experienced trial and triumph, healing and heartache, joy and sorrow in its 12 short years. He sees this historic church building and its next chapter. He see a neighborhood willing to welcome and befriend us. He sees renewal of all things through a lens of shared experience and community. 

We invite you to join us as we faithfully embark on this journey of renewal – one that seeks to breathe new life into a 120-year-old church and restore it to its original intent. For us. For community. 

“Long before we ever considered a “permanent home” for our church family, we were called to build a permanent home for orphaned children half a world away. This is the heart and generosity of Jesus in our congregation – one that seeks the priorities of the kingdom first. 

Now we’re being shown the extravagant grace He holds for us; that we too may have a place to call home.” 

–Jeff Cannell, Co-Lead Pastor

“Many friendships have grown as countless hands have worked to set up every service in our rented spaces for the past 11 years. But for some time now our rented Sunday space has not accommodated the needs of our growing children’s ministry nor has it created a warm environment for our worship service.

I’m so thankful that this building will help us to show greater hospitality, expand our ministry opportunities, and provide the adequate space for us to experience life together.”

–Adrienne Cannell, Co-Lead Pastor

“With little more than two sticks to rub together and the love of Jesus, Central Vineyard ignited a movement by becoming the first church to sponsor and build a home for our kids in Southeast Asia. I can’t imagine where we would be without Central Vineyard. They are catalysts for the kingdom.”  

–John McCollum, Executive Director, Asia’s Hope



Come, follow me,” Jesus said. 

These three words – first spoken to brothers Peter and Andrew – are the same three words that launched and continues to propel Central Vineyard forward. While the call is clear and our response is one of obedience, the specifics of our journey remain unknown until He chooses to reveal them, one by one. 

From our humble beginnings in a Clintonville backyard, Central Vineyard has always been somewhat of a nomadic tribe to the city and community we’re called to serve. In our 12-year history, we have moved to four different locations – moves borne of necessity rather than design. 

By following Him, and accepting the real challenges of where we gather that are woven into the fabric of our story, we have learned immeasurably more about ourselves than we thought possible during this decade-plus of growth and maturity. 

With uncommon and often uncomfortable patience, we have prayed for wisdom and discernment regarding the possibility of a permanent home for our church family.  A place to set down roots. 

Currently our location lacks adequate space for our children, doesn't afford us with needed accessibility, and poses long-term viability issues– challenges that hold us back from teaching and reaching our full potential.  



Discerning what the right opportunity looks like

After years of adapting to spaces and circumstances, we are now presented with an opportunity to lay down permanent roots one-half mile from our current location at North High School. We believe it is an opportunity that presents us with the right building, at the time, in the right community, and that is right-sized for us. 



While the building has sustained viable commercial use over the last 35 years, we have the opportunity to breathe new life into an old church structure and restore a church building to its original intent when it was constructed in 1900. Its revived status as a place of worship and welcoming, of teaching and learning, and of service and community has power to renew both a church and a community to the glory of God.  


Our desire for a permanent location over the years has been met with closed doors for good reason: it simply wasn’t the ideal time, the right location, or feasible terms for our church. Until now. 

Our prayer has remained consistent: that the Lord would reveal to us, with clarity, the plans for our church, and to shut any doors that we should not walk through. Through prayer we are finding that doors are not closing but instead swinging wide with potential; favor has been granted to us through key approvals to move forward. We believe now, more than ever, is the appointed time for us to set down roots. 


We are a neighborhood church… are the first five words of our mission; words that define who we are.  

North central Columbus is our home, our community, and within it we have the potential to connect more deeply at the neighborhood level. An invitation to take up permanent residency awaits us nine blocks south of our current location – one that calls us to love our neighbors and to show radical hospitality in our new home; to realize our neighborhood church mission and to faithfully walk out His plans for this church -- all the while extending ourselves to reach those in and around our beloved community.



Exceeding 12,000 square feet, the church building will afford us ample room to grow while maintaining the intimacy indicative our church. We will be able to comfortably disciple our church and nurture our children in dedicated spaces across three floors while also bringing our administration offices into the building. This means all church activities can reside under one roof for the first time.

Right sized also means right “fit” and the architecture, character and historic bones profoundly speak to the type of building we would be honored to inhabit, care for and call home.   



We have so much potential to expand our youth ministry, host Bible studies, offer ESL classes, and go deeper with our pastoral care, community outreach and hospitality. Our potential exists with dozens of other things we want to define – but currently our physical space and time limitations define what is practical.   


Our storefront office: lacks both space and privacy we need for meetings and caring of those in our community. 

Family living rooms: (which are all we have to use) limit the number of individuals we can comfortably invite in for youth groups and new outreach opportunities. 


4 hours a week: the total hours Central Vineyard's place of worship (North High School) is available.  

This church building untethers these constraints and unlocks our potential to serve extravagantly and with greater purpose.

For 12 years, our volunteers have given tirelessly to setting up and tearing down at our meeting locations. They have been dedicated to making church happen, which, if we’re being honest, isn’t tapping their full ministry potential. For example, hospitality should be more relational and less about setting up chairs and hallways and rooms that have very little to do with church. Our own building – made for church – relieves much of this busy work, freeing our people up to explore deeper levels of service. 

By breaking free from the constraints of time and space we’ve been accustomed to we are free to pray about, ask, and pursue all that God might be calling us to in the life of the church. 

Our untapped potential is ready to be awakened in every member of Central Vineyard.  

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Phase 1: Obtain

Phase Complete!

  • Bank financing: approved
  • $100,000 (22%) down payment: received!
  • Zoning variances: are approved!
  • Closed on the building!
  • Church offices have moved to new location! 

Phase 2: Occupy

What’s needed to gain occupancy?

We estimate needing to raise $750,000 to address the updates necessary to receive our permit to occupy. These are structural and code required updates that include but are not limited to:

  • additions to the parking lot
  • electrical, plumbing and drywall repair
  • additional bathrooms
  • increased handicap accessibility
  • fire code requirements including new doors, stairwell and fire-retardant barriers between floors 

Phase 3: Finish

What’s needed to add all finishing touches? 

Once we have gained occupancy, we can begin meeting in the church even if it is not finished to the point of full renewal. We will turn to the skills and talents of our church members to help us cost effectively finish out our spaces, but also expect that it will take $100,000 to apply the finishing touches. 


Phase 4: Debt-free

What’s needed to be a debt-free church?

By purchasing this church building we transition from renters with two monthly payments (North High School and Indianola storefront) to owners who are building equity in our investment. Our goal to pay off our loan off $350,000 as quickly as possible and operate as a debt-free church. This forgoes tens of thousands of dollars in interest, affording us opportunities to make thoughtful decisions about what and where the Lord is leading us to invest. 



to breathe new life into an historic church structure built for this purpose, to seize this ideal moment in time tailor-made for a church like ours, and to renew and ignite a community of faith. 



There are several ways to support our project and it will take gifts, talents and prayer from all who are called to participate. 



For Central Vineyard attenders:
Please go to cvcity.org and log in, click Giving and follow the steps. 

Check or cash 

Send a check to:

Central Vineyard Church, PO Box 82074, Columbus, OH 43202

Dropping off a check or cash

You may put a check or cash in our drop box in the hallway near the coffee area during our Sunday service at 100 E Arcadia, Columbus, OH, 43202 from 10am-11:15am

Stock transfer

Contact your financial institution or brokerage firm and inform them that you wish to give a stock gift to your church. They will most likely ask you to submit the request in writing.

 Click here for more information

Skills and services

We need people who can give their time through skills and service. Painters, plumbers, contractors and electricians or even folks with the willingness to serve. If that is you, please fill out this simple form and we will be in touch. 




An opportunity of this magnitude – and the questions that come with it – often benefit from a face-to-face conversation. To schedule a time to grab coffee, Skype of FaceTime with one of our pastors to learn more about our Fit for Renewal initiative, please contact our pastors and we'll set up a time to connect.