At Central Vineyard, we adhere to the principle articulated in Luke 12:23 "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." We apply this principle to giving by inviting our community to put their treasure and hearts into something God really loves, his church.

If you consider yourself to be a part of Central Vineyard, we would encourage you to commit to regular giving as a discipline, joining yourself with the other parts of this church.

If you are just visiting, or learning about Central Vineyard, please know you are our guest and under no obligation to give.


There Are Three Ways To Donate To Central Vineyard

Recurring giving on our website

(If you're not signed up yet, you'll be asked to create an account.)

Choose the fund you want to donate to and enter an amount.
Select the appropriate time-frame from the list of options under Frequency.
Then fill in an additional requested information.
Click Next Step >>.
Select the Account you'd like to use for your donation.
Click Next Step >>.
Double-check all the information, then click Make Donation.
Thank you!


Mailing a donation

Send a check to:
Central Vineyard Church, PO Box 82074, Columbus, OH 43202


Dropping a donation at our Sunday service

Drop a check or cash in our drop box in the hallway near the coffee area.


Giving Statements And Annual Financial Meeting

For those of you who choose to give, we will send you a statement annually by the end of January with our records of your giving the previous calendar year.
We also have an annual financial meeting in November to review the previous fiscal years finances, and the coming years budget, all are welcome.