Join us!

CV Youth operates much like any of our community groups. Middle and High school students meet during the week to interact with scripture, pray for each other, serve people in need, and have fun as a community. We are seeking to grow and discover the freedom that God has for us as emerging young adults. We take time to break down into different middle school and high school groups so that we can discuss issues that are encountered by each group. 

High Schoolers: Soon we will have a High School community group. More details to come.


We also laugh a lot! We devote a lot of time to just hanging out, having pizza together, with the occasional game night (from Minecraft to board games). We also take weekend trips to youth retreats.

Sundays, 3:00-4:30pm at the Cannell's home in Clintonville

We welcome everyone! Please contact Adrienne at for more information.