Creatively Pursuing our Mission Together

Central Vineyard’s groups each pursue the mission of Central Vineyard in creative ways, as they feel called and lead by God.

These groups are united by our shared mission: to receive the love of Jesus, worship God, and love our neighbors and neighborhood in practical ways. In this work, the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the center, and scripture is our constant guide and companion.

Common threads among CV groups include deep listening, authentic friendships, powerful prayer, singing, sharing food, compassionate ministry, and contemplation.

Some CV Groups meet for many years. Others gather for a shorter, more discrete period of time.

Please call or e-mail before visiting a group, to confirm details for that week.

Age-Specific Groups

These groups include Middle and High School Groups, and we are open to forming groups for other ages.

Classic Small Groups

These groups typically meet weekly for Bible study, worship, meal sharing, prayer, and service.

Gender-Specific Groups

These groups are similar to classic small groups, but are ‘zoned’ for a specific gender.

Convergence Groups

These groups converge around a specific interest related to our mission. Examples include groups that are pursuing a specific prayer style, study area, mission field, or service calling.

Spiritual Friendship Groups

These small groups meet to provide regular spiritual direction for their members, facilitated by a trained spiritual director.

Age-Specific Groups

Middle School Group

Learning, Fun, and Ministry

Sundays 3-5 pm


Daniel Heck


We meet weekly at the church. Our youth band leads worship, and we make time for teaching, sharing, and fun.

We also take trips and have fun events together, and pursue service opportunities in the community.

High School Group

Reaching Out, Going Deeper

Daniel Heck

Meeting place: 55 E Blake

We go deeper by meeting, learning, experiencing God and encouraging each other.

We also reach out in ways that we discern together, for fun, connection and and service opportunities.

Classic Small Groups

Bochetti Group

Making Space for God and Neighbor

Kid Friendly

Sundays at 4 pm

Matt Boettcher
(614) 209 1210

We meet to study scripture, pray and encourage each other, in pursuing our shared mission. Our service work currently focuses on stewardship of the church building, to help it be a warm and inviting place.

Reynolds Group

Welcoming group where the tea is hot, the Bible is read and people are prayed for

Adults only, please

Thursdays at 7:30pm (excluding 1st Thursdays)

June Reynolds
(740) 973 5001

164 Rathbone Ave, 43214

We meet to study the scripture, pray, and encourage each other in our daily relationships with Jesus and others. Our service work is working with the kids in, and supporting the staff of Royal Family Kids Club.

Schumacher Group

Sharing God’s Love, With a Focus on Non-Traditional Families

Kid-friendly, Shared meal

Tuesdays at 6:00 pm

Eric Schumacher
(614) 260 3612

Sigler Group

We desire to be a place that welcomes radical giving and radical receiving from each other and the Lord.

Kid-Friendly, Shared Meal

1st, 3rd & 4th Sundays at 5 pm

Jenny Sigler
(614) 586 5410

55 W California Ave , 43202

Tolentino Gibbons Group

Loving God and Neighbor

Kid-friendly, Shared Meals

1st, 2nd & 3rd Tuesdays at 6 pm

Rachel Tolentino
(614) 260 3149

Gender-Specific Groups

Men’s Group

Loving God and Neighbor 

Men only, please

Mondays at 7 pm

Ebiji Akah
(614) 596 7597


Women’s Group

Loving God and Neighbor

Women only, please

Mondays at 7 pm

Amy Farrar

Convergence Groups

Eckhartman Group

Growing in Prayer Ministry

Men, Women


Kim Eckhart


Monica Hartman

We actively focus on cultivating the fruit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit in prayer. On alternating weeks, we focus on teaching, which often includes growing in prayer ministry and the gifts of the spirit, or on extended prayer and worship.

Spiritual Friendship Groups

Spiritual Direction for Everyone

These are groups of 3 to 4 people who routinely meet so that all members can receive spiritual direction from each other, facilitated by a trained spiritual director. They are intentionally small because spiritual direction involves listening to a person for an unbroken hour, and this size allows everyone to receive direction routinely.

Spiritual direction helps direct the participants’ attention to God in a sustained way, with a focus on God’s presence in the details of daily life. It helps participants receive the love of Jesus: both receiving love from him, and empowering them to share that love with others. It often leads to worship in the form of authentic and unscripted prayers of gratitude. These groups are a concrete expression of God’s love to participants, and they also equip people to love our neighbors and neighborhood in practical ways, through discernment and encouragement of people’s vocations. They also provide an on-ramp into spiritual direction training, for people who feel called to it.

Groups are easy to start, based on interest. Contact Daniel if you’re interested in trying it out!

CONTACT: Daniel Heck
(614) 619 1649