CVKids: Let’s live like Jesus!

Kids aren't just the future of our church, they are the present, too

We are strongly committed to honoring, loving, teaching, learning from, and protecting all of the children in our community, whether they attend every Sunday or are simply visiting.

Sunday Morning Classes

CVKids classes are held each Sunday, for children from walking age through fifth grade. They are divided by age and developmental levels, so that kids progress through our curriculum with others their own age. Children are welcome to join our CVKids Sunday program, or attend the service with their parents.

Sign-in is available at the CVKids table at the back of the sanctuary. Don’t worry, you can’t miss it. If you’ve never attended, first-time sign-in is quick, easy and secure. A sign-in volunteer will be there to walk you through the process.

For children who are younger than kindergarten age, you can take them to class before worship begins. The CVKids volunteer at the sign in table will be happy to direct you to the correct classroom for your child.

For children in kindergarten through 5th grade, classes begin after worship and communion, which is the first half hour of our church service. This allows them to fully participate in worship and communion with your family!


How To Get Involved

Because every child's safety is our top priority, we take teacher recruitment and training seriously. All teachers must be a part of our congregation for at least 6 months and pass a background check. Additionally, they undergo training for the classes they teach and are supported by a coordinator and the pastors of the the church. Each teacher has 1-2 assistants every week and we follow age­-appropriate adult-­to-­child ratios to ensure that your child is always under appropriate adult supervision.

If you are interested in teaching or assisting in a classroom, contact Dan.

After some introductions and training, you will be paired with a partner and assigned a classroom as an assistant. Assistants are invited and encouraged to become teachers if they discern a calling to teach with the coordinator.

Do you have questions? Please email Dan!


CVKids Sundays

Periodically throughout the year we have CVKids Sundays. On these Sundays, from our Kindergarten through 5th grade classes join in the main service. These services are interactive and imaginative, and give the entire congregation an opportunity to experience and learn about God together.