Chairs for Cheap!

Jeff and Jeremy were out looking for bargains on Tuesday, and found chairs that normally sell for $260 for $10 each.  Purchasing these high quality chairs will save us tens of thousands of dollars that were budgeted for the building. They don't all match but they are strong sturdy chairs and better yet, they mean less money to raise! We will need more of them and are hoping OSU will have more similar chairs next month. Jeff and Jeremy will be here next month hoping to complete the set!  Praise God for all He is providing for Us!


We just added a blog to the site, so we can share with everyone all the things that have been going on with 55 E Blake.  It's a bit belated, since we've been working on this project, since last Christmas, but I did want to share with you some of the demolition work we've been doing, and talk about the renovations that are coming :).  Here is a link to the tiny number of pictures I have taken so far .

In order to configure the building for kids on Sunday, and all kinds of meetings throughout the week, we need to remove 3 walls upstairs, and 3 walls downstairs, which we did!  We took out another wall per floor to make space for the bathrooms (more on that later) and we've trim several walls back to reveal the original brick or stone behind them.  We've also removed a fair bit of plumbing and old electrical wiring as well.  Finally, just on Monday, we took the decking off the downstairs stage in order to repair some of the floor joists and add a vapor barrier.  All in all we've been through I believe 4 roll off dumpsters of debris, whew!

As we work along, our goal is to reveal the old original beauty of this 1895 church, and to make space for the additions we need to make this old house (of worship) work for our community, and for modern safety.  To that end, we'll be adding a men's and women's bathroom to each floor of the building, building a small addition for fire safety and to accommodate a wheel chair lift, and rewiring, plumbing, and heating/cooling for safety as well.  We've still got more demolition to do, and I'll make sure we get that documented, as well as keeping you up to date on the construction as it goes forward.

Stay tuned next week for some preliminary blueprints!!!!